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Wedding Face Masks

Wedding Face Masks

Bridal Face Masks

Covid-19 forced us to cancel all social events and put us into terrible isolation. As communities move forward from the shutdown, churches are opening with face covering and social distance requirements.

 I resolved to help people overcome this shadow with an effusion of unexpected beauty.
No longer would face masks distract. Here their beauty points towards the higher reality that even in isolation we are not alone.
It is unclear if masks protect us from catching the virus, but experts believe the coverings prevent sick people from sharing droplets with others. 
Therefore, my wedding face masks cover the mouths to stop the spread of droplets, but loose enough around the nose for fresh air.
The wedding face masks are made with a diamond white silk wool. (Diamond white is shade between bright white and ivory.) The silk wool's shine and structure make it a beautiful option. The outer layer is made with very light ivory laces from France.
Thank you for your support and allowing Anagrassia to be a part of your special wedding day. 

The hand embroidered face masks make great bridal masks too!
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wedding face masks