Current turn around time for Communion face masks is 1-3 days. Custom garment orders take about 3-5 weeks to ship out.

embroidered face masks

Embroidered Face Masks

embroidered face masks

Hand Embroidered Ukrainian Face Masks

At the beginning of the Covid-19 shutdown, face masks were a painful reminder of losing my jobs and life in NYC; and most of all the terrible isolation it forced upon all of us.
Since beauty points towards the higher reality and reminds us we are not alone, I decided to start making Communion masks and hand embroidered Ukrainian couture masks
It's no surprise that Ukrainians would be found embroidering face coverings during a pandemic shutdown. For hundreds of years, Slavic women embroidered EVERYTHING in their homes!
You do not have to be Ukrainian to wear one of these unique, fun, and beautiful masks. They will surely brighten days when you where them out in public. If you send me a message, I can make an embroidery design that fits your ethnicity; such as Irish, Hungarian, Greek, etc.

Beauty will save the world.”