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Anagrassia is a clothing brand dedicated to creating beautiful garments for children and adults. Mary Grace Godfrey, the designer and artisan behind the brand, started the company in 2013 with bridal separates. Due to their high demand, she has spent the last 5 years focusing on the children’s special occasion dress market. Every piece is made with the highest quality materials, and many designs and aesthetics are influenced by her family (Ukrainian) heritage.

Anagrassia's Mission 

Our mission is to make the world more beautiful. More than an ideal, it is also very practical. When it comes to sharing life and all that it holds, we are on the same team. The throwaway mentality of a fast-fashion culture is not sustainable. Nor is it desirable. Georgio Armani once said, “The difference between fashion and style is quality.” Good quality lasts and is therefore always in style, because it is tied to something deeper – beauty. Beauty gives us enthusiasm for living, and we want to build more of this into the lives of our customers.
This is our niche. In short, we believe that sustainability can be reached by striving for beauty. Such products take time to make. They are created by skilled artisans, and often made in small batches or custom-made orders. As a result, they are cherished, maintained, and passed on to future generations.
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See some of Mary Grace's custom orders on her blog here:

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Anagrassia's atelier is currently located in South Bend, Indiana USA

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