The Designer/Seamstress

Mary Grace, Designer & Seamstress 

I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2010, where I competed as an intercollegiate swimmer. I formed Anagrassia when my swimming career ended prematurely. With all the extra time on my hands I rediscovered the fashion hobbies of my youth. The company's unusual name is influenced by the Ukrainian heritage my mother and grandmother passed on to me. They were my first teachers of sewing and fashion design, and continue to inspire my creation of decorative clothing and accessories.

Currently my company offers an extensive line of handbags and dress garments. The colorful handbags grew out of my personal preference of only wearing neutral colors. I never wore colors until one day someone asked if it hurt me to wear color! In order to break this seemingly obsessive habit I started to add hints of color through colorful accessories that are creative, classic, and chic. I then started making them for myself, and then for my friends. Now I am filling orders for the friends of my friends.

My ultimate professional goal is to be trained in bespoke tailoring in Italy. I know tailor-made suits are a long way from hand-stitched purses, but the love and attention to detail will be the same. All my handbags and dresses are made from the finest materials: genuine leather from Italy and South America, imported silks, imported wools, and 100% cotton.


See some of my custom orders and family projects on my blog here: 

"Marusya Marusya" was what my mom called me growing up . (Marusya is Mary in Ukrainian.)