How to Tie the Perfect Bow on a Dress

For many years, Anagrassia customers have asked how we tie our satin and silk sashes on the flower girl and First Holy Communion dresses. We finally found time to create a short video tutorial on how we make the bows.

 how to tie the perfect bow

Here are some screenshots of the YouTube video posted above here.
How to tie the perfect bow on a dress
Step One:
Make sure the sash is smooth and straight across the waist. (Fold it in half if you want a thin sash around the waist.)
Step Two:
If the sash is not attached the the dress, sure the ends are even in the back.
Tying bows on flower girl dresses
Step Three:
Cross the left side over the right and roll it around the right side
tying sashes on wedding dresses
Step Four:
Tighten the knot by pulling on both ends
Tie the perfect wedding bow
Step Five:
Make two loops ("ears") with both sash ends
Making a beautiful bow on a dress
Step Six:
Wrap one loop ("ear") over and around the other loop ("ear")
perfect bow on a dress
Step Seven:
Pull through the loop to create to small ears and pull to secure a tight knot
(You will adjust the size of the loops/ears later)
How to tie a wedding dress sash
Step Eight:
Wrap the sash ends around the knot; under and around the back of the knot
Tie the perfect wedding bow
Step Nine:
At this point, you can adjust the "ears" or loops to the size you wish
tying the perfect flower girl dress bow
Step Ten:
If the sash ends are too long, you can wrap them around the knot again (and again)
 how to tie a sash on a dress
The perfect bow for a flower girl dress
(Thank you Gigi, Nik, & Vanka for helping Mary Grace put this video together!)


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