Sewing Machines, Supplies, and Textiles

Sewing Machines and Supplies
Mary Grace Godfrey launched Anagrassia in 2013, a line of miniature accessories that has since grown into a globally successful custom clothing business. Over the years, Mary Grace has gathered insight and techniques from artists, manufacturers and entrepreneurs and is more committed than ever to high quality craft and best practices in the industry. She is established in the world of supplies and materials, but is now also able to produce or sell what she cannot find easily to construct her custom designs.
Anagrassia is a brand committed to mastery of the creative process at every step of the way, from idea to ready-wear couture! Mary Grace firmly believes in sharing her craft as much as her product and is embarking on the next phase of Anagrassia growth that includes selling and teaching the use of sewing machines, lessons in design and construction, and textile and supply distribution directly through her website. 
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Sewing Machines, Supplies, Leather Buttons, and Textiles

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