Singer Elite Sewing Machines

Mary Grace is thrilled to announce that Anagrassia will be collaborating with Singer Elite as a vendor of its high-quality sewing machines. The Elite model is a category above what can be found in retail stores and can only be distributed by licensed dealers. The Singer Elite boasts a powerful motor and durable metal frame that is perfect for domestic use. It is a great first-time machine with a long life!

The Singer Elite also offers a variety of special features, and can handle light weight material (chiffon and tulle) as well as thick textiles, multiple layer fabric, and leather. The easy threading, stitching speed and needle controller make this an ideal machine for beginners. There are stitching and design options that would take years to exhaust. Plus available presser feet!

Isaac Singer started the I.M. Singer & Co. in 1851 in Boston, but later moved the company headquarters to New York City. In 1865 the name changed to Singer Manufacturing and has been famous for its sewing machines ever since. 

Mary Grace isn't the first person to return to South Bend, Indiana, from New York to sell Singer sewing machines. Back in 1868, Leighton Pine left New York to open a Singer sewing machine cabinet factory in South Bend. He was so successful he eventually assumed management for all such Singer factories until his death in 1905. (This included locations in Illinois, Scotland, Germany, Austria, and Russia.) Production in South Bend peaked in 1914 with three thousand employees, and it is estimated that they built two million cabinets that year. At the time this would have amounted to three quarters of the world's production of sewing machine cases and cabinets!  

Singer success in South Bend is a key part of its history. Mary Grace is excited to be a part of a new era of business and design, aligning her own insight and practices with a trusted company and essential household product.