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Ukrainian hand embroidered face mask
ukrainian face mask
Hand embroidered face mask
Ukrainian embroidered face covering
Couture embroidered face mask
Slavic hand embroidered face mask


Hand Embroidered Face Mask

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Ukrainian hand embroidered face mask
Ukrainians embroider EVERYTHING, so there is no surprise Ukrainian women are making and wearing hand embroidered masks during the Coronavirus and shutdown.
With the mandatory face mask laws in place until (at least) this fall, Mary Grace decided to offer colorful embroidered face coverings on the website for adults. 
This listing is for women sizing.
Please watch video to see how the mask fits the face.
The Anagrassia face masks are loose around the nose. They keep droplets from spreading through the mouth, but loose enough so you can breathe and have fresh oxygen.

Ukrainian Face Mask:

~Cotton Aida Cloth
~Linen Lining
~DMC 100% Cotton Thread made in France
~Authentic Ukrainian Floral Design
~Pink, Purple, Blue, Orange, and Black Threads
~Opening for a filter
~1/8" Elastic Bands

These masks are not medically approved. They are not a replacement for medical/surgical grade masks. 
More photos on the designer and dressmaker's personal blog: Couture Dressmaker
"Beauty will save the world."