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mother of the bride silk jacket
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Mother of the Bride Jacket

Regular price $ 1,150.00

mother of the bride jacket

Custom Silk Jacket for Mother of the Bride

Why is it so easy to take for granted the people who help us the most? Just because they’re always there doesn’t mean they always will be. I think it’s important to honor and celebrate them while they still take front and center in our lives.
The Mother of the Bride doesn’t always enjoy the wedding. They manage the bridal party (not to mention groomsmen!) and much of the boring but necessary planning. Before they can think about themselves, MOB’s have a lot of work to do. When they finally arrive at the moment of dress-choosing, they have dark circles under their eyes, have probably had it out with the bride more than once, and now have to constrict themselves to picking a dress that matches everyone else. This is harder than it seems, especially for women who aren’t teenagers with pre-partum torsos and the metabolism that can handle instant weight loss. The women who deserve to look as good as the bride have a harder time doing it.
If you are a mother of the bride and looking for a quality jacket to go with your MOB dress, Anagrassia can create your custom jacket with beautiful Italian silk/wools or silk brocade.
Prices start at $1100. 
The final price will be determined by the cost of goods (Italian fabric, silk lining, buttons, canvas/interfacing), pattern making, fittings, and sewing.
Please contact Mary Grace if you are interested in starting your custom MOB jacket.
The jacket seen in this listing is $1150. 
The client's measurements must be sent to Mary Grace after the order is placed. A muslin/cotton mock-up will be sent to the client to fit before the final jacket is cut & sewn. (Appointments for live meetings or fittings are available in Westchester, NY and South Bend, IN.) 
Please contact Mary Grace if you have any questions.
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