Mother's Wedding Dress Recreated into Christening Gown

Christening Gown from Mother's Wedding Gown

Wedding Dress Recreated into Christening Gown

Baptism is a very special moment. It is a sacred event as the first sacrament a person receives and is a celebration of life and love. I really enjoy making Christening gowns for babies because I am able to provide an expression of this love through the beauty and care poured into the gown that a mother wants to gift her child. (Even for little boys!)
Being a part of so many special moments with other people, you can imagine how excited I was when I had a child of my own and began to prepare for her baptism! When I found out I was having a daughter I was thrilled because I had envisioned using my wedding gown to create her own first gown. I only cut into the end of my train for the material I needed for the christening dress pattern. It wasn't difficult to cut this part of the dress because the way I designed it even without the train the wedding gown can still be worn again.  
Ukrainian wedding dress turned christening gown
 Wedding Photos by New York Photographer, Yuliya Zakharava.
Daydreaming about her wonderful day and beautiful dress helped me stay positive and hopeful as pregnancy became more difficult in the final months. I had several ideas, but I ultimately chose the Girls Ukrainian Baptism Dress design. In the end all the daydreaming in the world didn't give the time I needed to do everything, so I didn't create my own pattern and found different ways to be original. 
My daughter's design is a bit different than other girls' Ukrainian christening gowns. It is fashioned from silk and is extra-long with a wide strip of silk chiffon and French Chantilly lace for the hem. I love this detail and I have used this technique before to create a dress that is absolutely couture and nothing you could ever just find on the rack and buy!
This gown has made a wonderful day even more remarkable, and the photos of her in this dress are even better than all the dreams I had of this day! 
Hire Anagrassia to convert your wedding gown into a new baptism dress here: Christening Gown from Wedding Dress
christening gown made into wedding dress
All of the embroidery on the silk wedding dress and christening gown were hand embroidered with authentic Ukrainian cross stich designs.
Sewing your own wedding dress


baptism gown made from mother's wedding dress

The silk and embroidery from the train of the Ukrainian wedding gown was used for the baptism dress.

 matching christening bonnet

Ukrainian Hand Embroidered Gown on the day Christening 

baptism gown from wedding dress


Wedding Dress recycled to baptism gown


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