Easy Way to Clean Age-Stained Vintage Garments

Rejuvenate your beloved vintage garments and textile with Retro Clean! It effectively removes tough stains, including yellow and brown age stains, water and smoke damage, mold, coffee, wine, blood, nicotine, babies and pet messes, and perspiration, restoring necessary color and vitality. Simply submerge the textile in Retro Clean + water bin, leave it in the sun, and rinse when finished.
Make those special, irreplaceable pieces look like new again! Retro Clean is designed to be delicate on fine fabrics, so it shouldn't cause damage or discoloration. It also provides an incredibly thorough clean by removing deep-seated debris, preventing future wear and tear. You can trust it to make your precious garments look like they did when you first fell in love with them.
We used Retro Clean to take out stains on the 30-year-old lace and tulle First Holy Communion veil. Wow! The cleaning process was easy and the results were impressive!!
Easy Way to Clean Vintage Clothing Age Stains

Easy Steps to Clean Age-Stained Vintage Garments

Step 1: Covered the floral crown headpiece with a trash bag 
Step 2: Made the Retro Clean + water solution in a big storage bin
Step 3: Left the submerged lace/tulle veil in water outside and in the sun
(Retro Clean advises to leave it in the sun to keep the water warm. The solution works best when it is warm.)
Step 4: Rinse Veil
Step 5: We rinsed the veil a second time in warm water. The veil was a bit stiff from drying in the sun. The second rinse made it soft again.
Step 6: We stitched sections of the trim back on the tulle lace veil. There were a couple spots where the trim wasn't sewn on the veil. We are unsure if the holes were there before the cleaning. If not, the old cotton thread may have disintegrated or snapped during the cleaning.

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