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Singer Pintuck Foot
Pintuck presser foot
singer elite pintuck presser foot
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Singer Elite Pintuck Presser Foot

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Creates perfectly parallel rows of tucks in your sewing projects, thanks to the grooves on the underside of the presser foot.  

  • Great for embellishing clothing and linens
  • Use with a twin needle for beautiful raised tucks
  • Fits: MA, MB, CA - CC, EA - EC series (see Specifications tab for specific models)

    The Pintuck Foot is used for embellishing garments, table linens and bed linens, typically in conjunction with a twin needle (not included). Working with a twin needle, the foot creates evenly-spaced raised tucks in the fabric. It has a series of evenly-spaced grooves on the underside which allows for perfectly parallel rows of raised tucks that will not be flattened when sewn. Increase the upper thread tension or add a cord for more pronounced tucks. Sew intersecting rows of tucks for interesting texture on the fabric! Works best with lightweight fabrics such as batiste, silk, and organdy. 


    Read this great guide on how to sew pin tucks:  Singer Pintuck Guide

    Compatible With

    SINGER Elite


     Online and in-store orders have 30 days (from the date the accessory foot was purchased) to return a Singer accessory. The accessories must be returned in the original (undamaged) factory packaging. There is a 15% restocking fee for in-store returns and 20% restocking fee for online returns. Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns.  
    The foot is compatible for the Singer Elite machines and the machines below: