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SE9180 Singer Embroidery Machine

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To ensure that customers are able to take advantage of the machine features, a complimentary 1-hour instructional session is included with every purchase.

SE9180 Singer Embroidery Machine

SE9180 Singer Embroidery Machine

The SE9180 Singer Embroidery Machine is equipped with various features to meet the needs of all skill levels. Access to mySewnet™ supplies the user with a plethora of possibilities, such as app notifications about progress, crafting original designs and more.

  • $200 included accessories
  • 250 sewing stitches plus 150 embroidery designs and 10 fonts
  • Get all the information you need directly on a large 7" color touch screen
  • Embroider a variety of projects up to 170x100mm large with the included hoop
  • Thread the needle quickly and easily with Automatic Needle Threader
  • 6.5" sewing space (needle to tower) and 4.25" height
  • mySewnet™ WiFi Connectivity with 90-day free trial of embroidery software and access to 8,000+ designs on screen
  • Connect all mySewnet™ enabled devices to communicate wirelessly between them to transfer designs and monitor your embroidery progress

    The SINGER® SE9180 sewing and embroidery machine is designed for accessibiliity and ease-of-use for sewists of all levels. A large 7" touch screen offers vivid visualization of embroidery patterns, while an automatic needle threader quickly gets users ready to start stitching. mySewnet™ connectivity provides app notifications, a 90-day free trial of mySewnet software, and access to thousands of designs in the mySewnet Library. Additionally, the machine boasts over 150 built-in embroidery designs and more than 250 stitches.

    Included Accessories
    All-Purpose Foot, Decorative Sewing Foot, Zipper Foot, One-Step Buttonhole Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Embroidery/Darning Foot, 170x100mm Embroidery Hoop, 3 Bobbins (SINGER® Class 15 transparent), Spool Caps (3), Spool Pin Felt, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Screwdriver, Brush, Seam Ripper, Pack of Needles, Edge/Quilting Guide, Thread Net, Multi-Purpose Tool, and Stylus

     A mySewnet-enabled Singer® machine comes to life with mySewnet software and library. Connecting mySewnet to your Singer® embroidery machine—along with your smart devices—ensures they work together to unleash your creativity. 



    Stitch Applications (401)

    A Stitch Application simply means a specific sewing technique that you can do with a selected stitch. Basically, Stitch Applications are all the different things you can actually DO with your machine!

    Embroidery Designs Included (150)

    Personalize any project with a large selection of embroidery designs including floral, holiday, children's designs, and crosstitch.

    Embroidery Fonts Included (10)

    Embroider customized text such as monograms and fun phrases.

    Wifi Connectivity (+)

    Connect to Wifi via MySewNet for downloads, updates, and more!

    Endless Hoop Capability (+)


    Sew embroideries that connect end to end, creating borders for fashions, home decor and more. Use included endless embroidery designs, or create your own endless borders in the software on your PC.


    Mirror Imaging (+)

    Invert stitch patterns from side to side for more creative options

    Built-In Stitches (250+)


    Choose from a variety of stitches for basic sewing, decorative sewing, and more


    One-Step Buttonhole (+)

    Buttonholes are sewn in one easy step. Just place the button in the buttonhole foot and the machine sews a buttonhole perfectly sized for that button, delivering consistent results every time.

    Built-In Needle Threader (Automatic)

    Effortlessly threads the eye of the needle - eliminates eye strain and saves you time

    Top Drop In Bobbin (+)

    Easy to thread and easy to see! The transparent bobbin and cover allow you to monitor your thread supply so you don't run out of thread in the middle of a seam.

    Built-In Thread Cutter (+)

    Trim both the top and bobbin threads with the touch of a button. No need to draw up the bobbin thread to start sewing again.

    Tie-Off Button (+)

    Immediately tie-off the stitch and stop sewing automatically. You can even program the machine to perform the tie-off at the end of a stitch before you start to sew.

    Drop Feed (+)

    Feed teeth can be lowered for button sewing or free-motion sewing - a must-have for quilters! Simply slide the Drop Feed Lever to lower the feed teeth. Slide it back and turn the handwheel one full turn to raise the feed teeth again.

    Reverse (Touch Button)

    Sew stitches in reverse, usually done to secure a seam at the beginning and end to prevent unraveling.

    High Speed Stitching (Sewing 800/min - Embroidery 450/min)

    Professional speed for faster results.

    Speed Control (Speed Slider)

    Set the maximum sewing speed of the machine

    Start/Stop Button (+)

    Allows you to sew without using the foot control, if desired. Press the button to start sewing, then press again to stop sewing.

    Needle Up/Down (+)

    Select the needle's stopping position on demand

    Touch Screen (7" Color)

    Touch the LCD screen to select stitches and stitch settings, view recommended presser foot and more

    Free Arm (+)

    Slide off the Removable Storage Compartment for access to the free arm, making it easy to sew trouser hems, sleeve cuffs and other smaller or tubular projects

    Variable Needle Positions (+)

    Adjust position of needle as desired for various sewing techniques like topstitching, edgestitching, zipper application, piping insertion and more

    Sewing Space (Needle to Tower) (6.5")

    The distance between the needle and the main part of the machine. Having a generous "C" space allows you to sew larger projects like quilts with ease.

    Machine Size (19 x 8 x 12 inches)
    Machine Weight (15.5 lbs)
    Box Size (22.4 x 15.9 x 17.6 inches)
    Watts (45)
    Volts (110 or 240)
    Warranty (90 day / 2yr / 25yr)

    Find Complete Warranty Terms Here


    There is a 25-year limited warranty on Singer machines. The warranty is for defective materials and workmanship. 

     Return Policy:

    Online orders have 30 days (from the date the machine was purchased) to return a machine and in-store machine purchases have 14 days to return a machine. The machines must be returned in the original (undamaged) factory packaging and box. There is a 15% restocking fee for in-store returns and 20% restocking fee for online returns. Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns.