SE017 Singer Serger


SE017 Singer Serger

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Affordable Serger

SE017 Elite Singer Serger

The SINGER® Elite SE017 Overlock Machine lets you sew, finish, and trim seams and raw edges — with high-precision and speed each and every time. It’s the perfect complement to your sewing machine.

  • Industry’s first lower looper LED which increases visibility for easier threading.
  • 2, 3 and 4 Stitch thread capability - The 6 different stitch types ensure the perfect stitch no matter what project
  • 1300 stitches per minute provides professional speed for faster results.
  • The handy free arm is accessed by removing the accessory compartment and allows you to overlock cuffs, pant hems and other circular seams with ease.

    Exceptional without exception.  Enjoy high quality features that make sewing with the SINGER® Elite SE017 Overlock Machine a dream.


    Easy View Threading™ 

    The Easy View Threading™ LED, or EVT, illuminates the threading paths to help make looper threading a breeze. Both the tension dials and thread paths are also color-coded for added convenience.  


    Powerful and fast yet delicate with fabrics. 

    This model has a 20% higher wattage motor over our standard overlock line, providing enhanced piercing power for thicker fabric layers. Sew your seams and edges with stitching speeds up to 1,300 per minute. No more fraying or unsightly seams — even through layers of thick fabric. The 2, 3, 4 thread stitch capability of the SINGER® | Elite SE017 - Overlock Machine provides a wide range of stitch types, offering perfect results for a variety of fabrics and techniques. Adjust the presser foot pressure to enable the proper machine feed for very heavy or fine fabrics.  


    Dial your preferences. 

    Stitch narrow hems on napkins, or a 3-thread decorative edge around a wool blanket to give it the distinctiveness it deserves while extending its life. The differential feed provides zero distortion of seams even when stitching extra-stretchy fabrics and lightweight sheers. Use the built-in free arm to sew around small sleeves and cuffs with ease. Take advantage of the movable upper knife, which disengages for specialty techniques. The machine will even help keep your sewing area tidy. Attach the provided scrap bag to the machine’s front to catch trimmings. There are also several indispensable accessories included, so you’re always prepared. 


    Just what you need for your next fun project. 

    Want to create customized blind or rolled hems, flatlocking, or finish raw edges with one machine? The SINGER® | Elite SE017 - Overlock Machine is your one-stop shop for those techniques and more. Creating beautifully rolled hems is simple too. You can just toggle the stitch finger lever — without ever needing to change the stitch plate.  


    Use it to repurpose a frayed vintage garment into a new, beloved creation just like a professional. Decorate your home with new curtains, linens, and other treatments. Even make custom jewelry, handbags, napkins, and more.


    There is a 25-year limited warranty on Singer machines. The warranty is for defective materials and workmanship. 

     Return Policy:

    Online orders have 30 days (from the date the machine was purchased) to return a machine and in-store machine purchases have 14 days to return a machine. The machines must be returned in the original (undamaged) factory packaging and box. There is a 15% restocking fee for in-store returns and 20% restocking fee for online returns. Please contact us if you have any issues or concerns.