Shipping time is approximately 6-8 weeks for Anagrassia handmade & custom garments. Please contact Mary Grace if you have any questions or concerns.

Ukrainian embroidered silk blouse
embroidered silk blouse
rose embroidered silk blouse


Embroidered Silk Blouse

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Rose Embroidered Silk Blouse

Rose Embroidery Silk Blouse

A soft Ukrainian embroidered silk blouse for women. The dress shirt is made with big puff and pleated sleeves. The cuffs are hand embroidered with an authentic beautiful rose and lace design. Contact Mary Grace if you which would like to order a different silk blouse style with the red rose embroidery
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Ivory Silk Blouse

 -4-ply matte finish ivory silk

-Pleated wide sleeves with wide cuffs

-Buttons on cuffs

-Ukrainian rose and lace hand embroidery with red, dark green, gold, green, ochre, and lime thread colors

-Top back vent and button enclosure


Because the blouse is made-to-order and custom, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges. If you have any issues or feedback, please contact Mary Grace. 

 Please contact Mary Grace for the turnaround/production time. Due to the hand embroidery, it will likely take 4-8 weeks before the blouse is finished and shipped out.

Please send Mary Grace measurements after the order is placed. She will contact you after the order is placed.