The Ultimate FAQ About Flower Girl Dresses – Everything You Need!

In the realm of weddings, few roles hold as much charm and innocence as that of the flower girl. As a seasoned dressmaker with a passion for crafting one-of-a-kind and custom bridal dresses for children, I have had the privilege of witnessing the impact that well-chosen flower girl dresses can have on the overall ambiance of a wedding. This article is dedicated to brides embarking on the delightful journey of choosing the perfect attire for their young flower girls. By addressing some of the most commonly asked questions, I aim to empower you with insights that will make the process as joyous and rewarding as the day itself.

(All dresses featured were custom made by me in the Anagrassia Atelier in South Bend, Indiana. Shop Anagrassia dresses here)

FAQ flower girl dresses

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  1. What Should I Consider When Choosing Flower Girl Dresses?
Selecting flower girl dresses extends beyond mere aesthetics. These dresses should harmonize with the overarching theme and style of your wedding. I encourage brides to engage their flower girls in discussions about color preferences and designs. An anecdote that illuminates this point involves a bride who incorporated her flower girl’s favorite color, resulting in an ensemble that not only reflected the wedding’s theme but also held sentimental value for the young participant.
Additionally, prioritize the comfort of your flower girls. Delicate fabrics like satin, silk, chiffon, tulle, and organza not only evoke an air of elegance but also ensure ease of movement, a crucial consideration for young wearers.
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  1. How Can I Find the Right Size for Flower Girl Dresses?
An ill-fitting dress can mar the experience for your flower girl. Ensuring a proper fit involves accurate measurements. A personal anecdote underscores the importance of this aspect: A bride recounted how her meticulously taken measurements resulted in dresses that fit like a second skin, allowing her flower girls to revel in the celebration without discomfort or tripping on tulle.
For precise measurements, I recommend seeking professional assistance or utilizing online guides for at-home measurements. Bear in mind the potential growth spurts if your wedding is a few months away, and aim for a size that allows slight flexibility. When in doubt of a size, send the measurements with the event date to the dressmaker. I ask all my clients who order custom dresses to send their measurements at the time they place their order.
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3. What Fabrics Are Best for Flower Girl Dresses?
The choice of fabric greatly influences the overall look and comfort of the dresses. Lightweight fabrics like satin and chiffon impart an ethereal quality, while tulle and organza add a touch of whimsy. Each fabric has its unique attributes, and an informed decision can be made by considering both the visual effect and the tactile experience.
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4. Should Flower Girl Dresses Match the Bridal Gown or Bridesmaids' Dresses?
The coherence between flower girl dresses and the bridal party's attire is a matter of personal preference. Some brides opt for dresses that mirror their own gown, establishing a visual connection between the youngest participant (who is sometimes her daughter) and the bride. Others find charm in aligning the flower girl dresses with those of the bridesmaids. A memorable instance showcases a wedding where the flower girl dresses were accentuated with elements that echoed the bridal gown, creating an enchanting harmony.
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  1. How Can I Add Personal Touches to Flower Girl Dresses?
The inclusion of personalized elements elevates flower girl dresses from mere attire to cherished keepsakes. Incorporating lace, ribbons, custom buttons or embroidery can add a touch of individuality, and an anecdote worth sharing involves a bride who used old antique buttons from her mother’s wedding dress, transforming them into mementos that captured the spirit of the day.
Adornments such as floral crowns, sashes, or bows further enhance the charm of the dresses and allow for creative expression.
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  1. What Length and Style of Flower Girl Dresses Are Ideal?
The choice of dress length and style hinges on the formality of the wedding and the comfort of the flower girls. Classic A-line dresses are versatile and universally flattering, while ball gown styles can evoke a fairytale ambiance. From all my years of experience, I find tea length is the best length for girls of all ages. 
One bride recounted how she chose tea-length dresses for her flower girls, creating an ensemble that exuded elegance and allowed the young participants to move with ease during the celebrations. 
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  1. Can Flower Girl Dresses Be Reused or Repurposed After the Wedding?
Flower girl dresses need not retire after the wedding day. With a bit of creativity, they can be transformed into wearable pieces for other occasions; especially the Anagrassia Flower Girl Dress which consists of a lace bodysuit + tulle skirt. An anecdote shared by a bride exemplifies this concept: Her flower girl turned her big tutu into a Cinderella Disney princess dress. 
To ensure their longevity, store the dresses carefully, preferably in garment bags or tissue paper to prevent damage and maintain their pristine condition.
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  1. How Can I Involve the Flower Girls in the Dress Selection Process?
Involving the flower girls in the dress selection process fosters a sense of excitement and involvement. Encourage them to express their opinions on color, style, and comfort, within the boundaries set by the wedding's theme. Arrange a special dress fitting experience for them, and consider their feedback with genuine consideration. 
how to take measurements for flower girl dresses
All Anagrassia customers are welcome to set up a meeting at the atelier to fit dresses and take measurements. The Anagrassia Atelier is located in South Bend, Indiana, right next the University of Notre Dame’s campus.
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The selection of flower girl dresses presents an opportunity to infuse your wedding with an added layer of charm and enchantment. By addressing these frequently asked questions, I hope to provide you, as a bride, with a comprehensive guide to navigate the process seamlessly. The journey of choosing flower girl dresses is a testament to the intricate interplay between aesthetics, sentiment, and practicality. Remember, the joy reflected in the eyes of your flower girls will resonate as a treasured memory for years to come.
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