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wool coats for girls
What will the world look like in 20 or 30 years? Will people continue to wear disposable clothing? (The average life span of a garment is 3 years.) Will fast fashion companies exist? Will the fashion industry continue to be the #2 polluter in the world?
These are the questions being asked in the fashion industry right now. Not only are fashion companies wasting millions of pounds of unsold garments each year, it is polluting the world and exploiting labor to create the textiles and garments.
Today’s buzzword is sustainability. Consumers have pushed the fashion industry to make changes and take initiative to solve the problems. Recently, I read on Business of Fashion that H&M’s 2018 profit was 40% less than 2015, closed 366 since 2015, and had 4 billion dollars worth of unsold stock in 2018.
I can’t speak for everyone, but I see the shift. Consumers’ shopping habits and mindsets are changing within my business and social community. People are shopping less and looking for items that will last through the years. Because of this, they are willing to pay a bit more for my custom made items with 100% wool or natural fibers.
Andrew Goodman, owner of the prestigious luxury department store in New York City, once stated in an interview, “Quality and Price. The old cliché is true. If you buy a mink coat that costs you $5000 and is good, it will last you for 10 years. It is much cheaper than buying a $3,000 one that falls apart and lasts 2 years.”
Not only do I think it’s great for customers to invest in quality items, I think it’s important that the world create and sell beautiful items, not just t‑shirts with brands. Beautiful items will be cherished and upcycled by future generations. But most importantly, beauty gives us enthusiasm for living!

andrew goodman quality quote

Wool Coats for Girls

Here are 7 commissioned wool jackets, coats, and cape by a family in the Midwest. I will write individual blog posts of each outerwear garment later this month.
Girls Designer Jackets
Not only is wool warm, breathable, and classic, it is a very sustainable fiber!
Girl #1:
Navy wool with real cognac leather cuffs and pleated and belted waistline with leather buttons
Navy Wool Coat Leather


Girl #2:

Burgundy wool with real cognac leather pockets and button (blazer jacket style with modern cut)

Burgundy Wool Coat

Girl #3:

Navy and green plaid tartan wool with real cognac leather pockets and button (blazer jacket style with modern cut)

Shop Plaids Coats for Kids here: Plaid Coats

Navy Green Plaid Coat

Plaid Leather coat

Girl #4:

Brown and red check plaid wool double breasted girls double breasted coat with real brown leather buttons

Shop here: Red Tweed Jacket

Red Tweed Plaid Coat Girls

Girl #5:

Green brown tartan plaid wool coat with gold color blocking and brown leather buttons

Plaid Designer Coat Girls

Girl #6:

Gold mustard wool with collar with green brown tartan plaid cuffs and brown leather buttons

Gold Tweed Jacket Leather

Girl #7:

Dark green wool cape with lined hood and cognac leather button

Shop here: Green Wool Cape

Green Wool Cape Kids

tweed girls jacket

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