Christ is Risen! A Ukrainian Easter.

 Christ is Risen! Христос Воскрес

We hope you had a blessed Easter! May God bless our customers and families during this Easter season. Ukrainians have a very colorful and bright Easter. Most of Lent for us is spent preparing for Easter both in prayer and crafts/cooking. We spend many hours embroidering our vyshyvanka or rushnyk cloths, making intricate Easter eggs, baking, and wearing our vyshyvanka.

~Mary Grace and Anagrassia Team
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Embracing Tradition

Ukrainians take pride in their Easter traditions, passing them down from generation to generation. The intricate embroidery on the vyshyvanka and rushnyk cloths symbolize the beauty and richness of Ukrainian culture. The process of creating these pieces is a labor of love, with each stitch carrying a piece of history and tradition. It's also believed that embroidery should be done while praying, which makes Lent the perfect time to embroider!



Ukrainian lady making easter eggs
pysanky dyes


Celebrating with Food

Easter in Ukraine is a time for feasting and enjoying traditional dishes. From the delicious paska bread to the beautifully decorated Easter eggs, every food item holds a special significance. The act of sharing these meals with loved ones strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories.
Ukrainian easter bread 
pysanky ukrainian easter eggs

Family Time

For Ukrainians, Easter is a time to come together as a family and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Whether attending church services, participating in Easter egg hunts, or simply enjoying a meal together, the focus is on unity and togetherness. The traditions passed down through the years help strengthen family ties and create a sense of belonging.
hand embroidered Ukrainian dress
Photos from Mary Grace's Easter
Here are some photos from Mary Grace's Easter celebration. Many of her relatives are seen wearing hand-embroidered Anagrassia pieces, showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of Ukrainian traditions. The vibrant colors and intricate designs truly capture the spirit of Easter in Ukraine.
 ukraninian embroidered jacket
ukrainian girl in vyshyvanka
floral crowns with ribbon
Ukrainian embroidered mens shirt
Ukrainian girls vyshyvanka
ukrainian easter

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