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Sip 'n Sew Upcycle

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Join us for a fun night of sewing and a glass of wine!
This 2-hour class is open for women over 21 years old. (Minors are welcome when accompanied by an adult.)

The project for the Sip 'n Sew upcycle January classes is leather buttons. This class is for beginners and anyone who would like to hand sew and sip wine with other women. Students will learn how to remove old buttons and sew on new leather buttons.
Find a blazer or jacket you which to upcycle or upgrade. Measure the buttons on the blazer and choose leather buttons to replace them. If you don't have a jacket to upcycle, find a clearance designer jacket or blazer at TJMAXX. This easy trick makes a jacket look more chic and expensive!
Please bring the jackets or blazers you wish to upcycle. 
Students receive 4 free leather buttons from the Anagrassia website. Students can purchase up to 5 more leather buttons at 50% off retail price.
Students must send Mary Grace their button choices and requests 24 hrs ahead of their class.
For instance, a student may request two 1" cognac leather buttons and two 5/8" cognac leather buttons. (Cognac leather buttons are highly recommended.)
See all the button options here: Leather Buttons
You will end the class with new skills, new upcycled blazer(s) or jacket(s) & new friends.
Classes are 5:307:30pm 

Please email Mary Grace if you are interested in this class.
Supplies are provided. Machines are available if you choose to make more adjustments to the jackets or blazers. 
real leather buttons on wool jacket